Climate media centre calls for innovative methods of dry season farming

By Obiabin Onukwugha

The Climate Africa Media Initiative Center (CAMIC) has called for innovative and sustainable agricultural methods to enable farmers across Africa cultivate their food crops during the challenging dry seasons.

These methods, according to the Centre, aim to enhance food security, improve livelihoods, and promote sustainable agricultural practices in the face of climate change and global hunger.

CAMIC said this has become necessary as climate variability increasingly affect traditional farming cycles.

CAMIC, which is committed to providing farmers with the tools and knowledge they need to adapt and thrive during dry and drought periods, noted its commitment to driving sustainable agricultural practices across Africa.

The Centre, in a statement made available to newsmen in Abuja on Thursday, called on stakeholders, partners, and the media to join in promoting methods that can create a more sustainable and food-secure future for all.

The body suggested, drip irrigation systems, drought resistant crop varieties, conservation agriculture, water harvesting techniques, agroforestry practices, hydroponics and aquaponics, amongst others, as some methods to be adopted by dry season farmers.

CAMIC, also emphasised the need for training and capacity building and as well, community-based initiatives for farmers

The statement read in part: “CAMIC is dedicated to empowering farmers through education and training programs. Workshops, demonstration farms, and the dissemination of educational materials ensure that farmers are equipped with the latest knowledge and techniques for successful dry season farming.

“CAMIC supports community-driven projects that foster collaboration among local farmers. Shared resources, knowledge exchange, and collective action enhance resilience and create a supportive environment for implementing sustainable farming practices.

“Addressing the challenges of dry season farming is crucial for the future of agriculture in Africa,” said Pius Alabi, the Chief Growth Officer of CAMIC.

“By adopting these innovative methods, farmers can improve their productivity, ensure food security, and build resilience against climate change.”


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