CAMIC emphasises need to combat global marine pollution

By Obiabin Onukwugha

The Climate Africa Media Initiative Center (CAMIC) has announced an ambitious new plan to address the urgent issue of ocean pollution.

Ocean pollution is a growing threat to marine ecosystems and coastal communities across the continent.

CAMIC said it is committed to leading efforts in both mitigating and ultimately solving this critical environmental challenge and called for government and private sector collaboration.

Emphasizing the urgent need to reduce plastic waste, which it said constitutes a significant portion of ocean pollution, the advocacy body noted the need for the enactment and enforcement of a legislation that provides for strict regulations on plastic production and usage.

It also emphasized the need for public awareness about the impacts of plastic pollution to the environment and people’s health.

CAMIC, in a press statement made available to NatureNews on Thursday, said educating the public about the impact of plastic waste and promoting alternatives such as reusable materials is key to solving the issues of plastic pollution across the globe.

CAMIC also called for large-scale clean-up drives along coastlines to remove debris and restore natural habitats, provision of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), marine restoration projects, research and development and encouraging the creation of innovative technologies for pollution detection, monitoring, and cleanup.

CAMIC, further announced its readiness to forge partnerships with international organizations, governments, and NGOs to create a united front against ocean pollution.

“Through a combination of policy advocacy, community engagement, and technological innovation, we can mitigate and eventually solve this environmental crisis.

CAMIC is dedicated to leading these efforts and working with partners across Africa and the globe to protect our precious marine ecosystems for future generations,” said Pius Alabi, the Chief Growth Officer of CAMIC.


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