CAMIC advocates society free from plastic pollution

By Fatima Saka

Climate Africa Media Initiative and Centre (CAMIC) undertakes plastic pollution campaign in Abuja with the aim to reduce plastic pollution which keeps on growing rapidly by day.

CAMIC is an initiative mandated to stimulate global action on climate change and sustainable earth in Africa, engaging government for accountability in delivering climate goals.

The amount of garbage produced from plastic waste which is about 79% of total waste, is becoming unbearable.

Plastic pollution remains one of the biggest threats to the environment; it is harmful to the environment and its habitats.

The amount of plastic pollution in the world increases as the population grows due to disposable plastic products, like water bottles and soda cans, accumulate over time. When plastic clutters in an area, it affects the natural environment causing harm to plants, animals, humans and blocking drainage system which stop free flow of water resulting into flooding.

The recent spate of flooding in Nigeria has caused catastrophic damages, killing more than 600 people, destroying more than 300,000 homes and farmlands with more than 1.3 million people displaced.

CAMIC has taken plastic pollution awareness campaign to the popular Jabi Lake in Abuja, a recreational center in the heart of town where visitors indiscriminately dump plastic bottles and polythene bags bought from refreshment drinks.

In line with the United Nations SDG 13: to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts, CAMIC took time to educate visitors and citizens on the dangers of indiscriminate disposal of plastics in the environment as well as cleaned the Jabi Lake environment of plastic waste for disposal at recycling site in Katampe.

The initiative will be a regular outdoor plastic pollution sensitization exercise in public places as their contribution to climate change and environmental sustainability.

The Chief Growth Officer of CAMIC; Mr. Pius Alabi called on government, the private sector, individuals, and stakeholders to jointly help in combating the plastic pollution menace by creating awareness of its dangers and taking steps to eliminate the negative impacts.

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